Special offers & Discounts

  • Special offers for art galleries

    Special offers for art galleries

    Art galleries can receive my work under a consignment agreement.
    Below is a list of requirements for galleries that can receive a consignment agreement.
    The consignment agreement is made in English in two copies and sent by e-mail.

    1. Art galleries that work with auction houses;
    2. Art galleries that participate in the best art fairs of the world, and have the desire, as well as the opportunity to display my paintings on them;
    3. Other art galleries, by appointment.

    Consignment agreement is made for a year. If during this period the picture was not sold, then there are two options:
    1. Gallery returns the picture at its own expense.
    2. Extension of the contract for one more year.

  • Discounts for musemus

    Discounts for musemus

    Discounts for all works for museums are 20%.
    To get a discount, you need to write me an email on E-mail:
    1. What kind of museum do you represent?
    2. What kind of work would you prefer to buy?
    3. Your contact information.

    If this work is available, I will report the PayPal or credit card number for payment. After payment, I draw up customs documents, pack a picture and send it to the address you specified. (The procedure takes about 5-7 days). After receiving the painting, please send me a message. Return of paintings is possible within 7 days after receiving the parcel back.

  • For Media

    For Media

    To publish images of paintings presented on this site, my permission is NOT necessary. Moreover, it is encouraged. The only request, after the publication of materials, write a link to my email, which published a particular work

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